Prom dress season is upon us, and the age old question still stands: what can I do to make my prom dress unique? Everyone wants to stand out in their prom dress, and the best way to do that is have a prom dress that you know nobody else is going to have! Getting a dress custom made isn’t an option for everybody, but luckily prom dress alterations are available where you can make changes to a dress you’ve bought. 

Personalising Your Prom Dress


We’ve put together a blog with some of the changes seamstresses will be able to make to your prom dress! Keep reading for some ideas of the types of alterations that can be made.

Added Details

Adding details to your prom dress can completely change the overall look and design. Whether you just add a few minor appliques, or you want the bold addition of a lace overlay, there are several things that can be added to your dress. If you don’t want to have extreme work done to your dress, a simple tied belt can make all the difference. Belts come in a variety of styles and either clasp at the back or can be tied into an elegant bow, adding another feature to your prom dress.

New Sleeves or Straps

If your dress is strapless, additional straps can be added, or if you already have a strappy dress these can be replaced. Off the shoulder straps add an elegant and statement touch to any dress, and can be made in various different styles and materials. Floral straps add a lovely romantic touch, or beaded for those of you who really want to shine.


Sleeves can be added to dresses if you wish, allowing you to have another feature on your dress and also make the dress look completely unique for you. If your gown already has sleeves, you can have these removed and replaced with a different material to give a different look.

Shorten the Skirt

If you have a floor-length gown, there is plenty of room for change when it comes to the length of your dress. Having your dress shortened can completely change the look of your dress, and there are a few different length options you can go for. The best part is that the length will be tailored to you, so you don’t have to worry about the hem hitting you at the wrong part of your leg.

T-length dresses give a great retro style to a dress, creating a fun and quirky design! Other length options include knee-length and mini. Of course when you go to an alterations specialists specific length options can be shown, allowing you to work with your seamstress to create your perfect dress.

Change the Volume

The difference an underskirt can make is incredible. If you want to add more volume to your dress, underskirts are a great option to give you the amount of volume you desire. Alternatively, if you feel your dress has more volume than you would like, some of the material from your underskirt can be removed until you are completely happy with the volume of your dress.

There are just a few of the changes that can be made to your prom dress! The best thing to do is book an appointment with one of our seamstresses who will be able to work with you and discuss all of the possible changes that can be made to your gown.


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