Prom season is upon us, and you need a dress that makes you feel like a princess for the day. Prom is about celebrating the end of your time at school, and you want to go out feeling like the best version of yourself.


Of course the first step is finding your perfect style of dress. From fishtail to ballgown, you are sure to find something that suits you and your personality perfectly. The next step, and arguably most important, is getting the perfect fit, which is where prom dress alterations come in.


Prom alterations give you the opportunity to look and feel incredible in your dress, with a tailored fit and design that you are completely in love with. Wearing a dress that fits perfectly is a must to ensure you are looking and feeling your best!


The phrase ‘one size fits all’ isn’t always the case, with many people having to get their gowns altered. Handing your special dress over to go under the scissors can be scary, but once you have found a seamstress you trust, you will realise it is the best decision you made. At Alterations Boutique we love undertaking prom alterations, working with the customer to ensure they get the exact result they want. From tailoring the dress to adding design features, we can do it all.

Prom Alterations Tips


The first step in prom alterations is finding somewhere you trust to take apart your all important dress. It is important to find somebody who is professional and has a lot of experience in altering important gowns. Browse around before deciding on the place you want to go, ensuring that they can cover all of your requirements. If you are near London or Manchester and looking for the best prom alterations, we are more than happy to turn your beautiful dress into an exceptional dress.


It is important to plan getting your prom alterations done with plenty of time left before your prom. This is to ensure that there is time to spend making sure your dress fits perfectly and that there are no other changes needed to be made. Of course if you take your dress too early there is the risk that your body will change before the event, so you need to find the perfect middle ground - not too early and not too late. Try and get your dress to the seamstress about a month prior to your event, and schedule time for any fittings needed.

Working with Your Dress

When purchasing your dress, if you are finding one size is too small and the other is too big, opt for the one that is bigger in size. This is because it is much easier and quicker to take a dress in than let it out, also removing any risk of having added fabric that may not match the original fabric. Having a dress that is too big for you gives your tailor the chance to work with the material on the dress and your body shape.


It is also important to have your dress the perfect length, avoiding tripping over your dress, fabric trailing, or your dress looking strange because it is too short. When taking your dress for prom alterations, you should take the shoes you plan to wear with the dress to ensure the length will be perfect on the evening you wear the dress.


When shopping for your dress, consider these prom alterations to help you decide if this could be the perfect dress for you! For dresses tailored to you, choose Alterations Boutique to add the finishing touches. Get in touch with us today for more information!