Key bridal alterations to make your gown fit perfectly

For many brides, the dress is the most important part of their wedding day. The fit of the gown affects everything from the way the bride feels walking down the aisle to the look of the wedding photos. If the dress isn’t absolutely perfect, many brides will look back on their wedding day with a touch of regret, and will always wish they’d worn something slightly different for this incredibly important occasion.

The best way to make sure that a dress fits as well as possible is to take it to a professional bridal alterations boutique in the run up to the big day. If you’re currently in the process of having your gown tailored to fit, here are some key alterations you can make to ensure your dress is as elegant and as flattering as possible.


Even if two people are exactly the same height, the lengths of their torsos and legs can still be very different. This can dramatically affect the way a dress hangs, with the exact position of the waist determining how the fabric falls and how it sits on your body.

To make sure that your wedding dress is the perfect length for your figure, have a professional tailor take up or let down the hemline in the run up to your wedding.


Whether you want to show off your curves, make the most of your waistline or hide your lumps and bumps, a professional bridal and suit alterations boutique should be able to tailor your dress to suit your needs perfectly.

Even a skin tight dress can often be let out a little to give you more room to breath, while gowns that are a little on the loose side can easily be taken in to fit your toned and trim waistline. If you’ve been loosing weight in preparation for your wedding, waist alterations will be even more important.


A lot of brides are self-conscious about their arms and many prefer to wear light sleeves or wraps when they walk down the aisle. If the dress you’ve chosen is sleeveless or you don’t like the way the current sleeves fit, an alterations boutique will be able to fit new sleeves to the dress or alter the existing ones to ensure a better fit.


Though alterations can be done quickly, it’s better to arrange for a final fitting at least a week or so before the big day in order to give your tailor plenty of time to make the necessary changes.

Whether you’re looking for suit, bridal or coat alterations, the Alterations Boutique will be able to help you tailor your wedding outfit to fit perfectly. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

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