Give Your Wardrobe a Style Makeover

How often do we have the experience that when getting ready for a social or business event we open the doors of a wardrobe bursting with clothes but then cannot find anything we feel is suitable?

We select a suit and find the zip’s broken.  The only shirt that matches is missing a button or two. Perhaps we’ve put on a little weight without realising and it doesn’t fit as well as it should, which can be a problem when a first impression needs to count and be positive.


Then there are the impulse buys that looked good in the shop under the flattering lighting in the dressing room but somehow not once they were brought home and they have been languishing in the cupboard ever since, unworn and unloved.


Other things may be too short, too long or look just a bit dated. Perhaps your own tastes have changed as well.


It might be a great excuse for a spending spree but how many people can afford a complete wardrobe refresh in the current conditions?


It may also be that the clothes you have are not irretrievable in any event if they were given some time and attention with the help of an expert in dressmaking, for those who do not have the skills to do it for themselves.


Replacing a zip takes some skill and is best done by a professional but why not consult a dressmaker about whether some or all those clothes can be revamped, repaired or altered?


Trained dressmakers are able to do much more than alterations.  They frequently also have access to more up to date trimmings as well as experience in advising customers about what colours and styles will make the most of their looks and colouring.


This is not something that is only for women. Men, too, are much more style conscious than they used to be and are equally vulnerable to being judged on appearance, particularly in a corporate environment.


A well pressed, well fitting suit is important for them in many work environments and because in general men tend to make a suit last longer there is a risk that attention may be needed to stretch material at the knees, elbows or around the hips.  Perhaps also suit alterations will be needed to make it fit as it once did to take account of weight and other body changes.


It is worth having a first consultation to have an objective opinion about one’s clothes and some guide to the price of improving it. It may turn out that a whole “new” wardrobe is possible for less than the money of buying an equivalent number of outfits.

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