New year's fashion resolutions for 2021

The new year always brings along with it a variety of resolutions for people, but have you ever thought about fashion resolutions? Clothing is a really important part of everybody's life, so it is the perfect place to start with some small resolutions for yourself! If you are looking for inspiration, look no further. These resolutions all about ways we can be more selective of our clothing and make a difference to the health of the planet as well as our own sense of style. Keep reading for 4 fashion resolutions you should try in 2021!

4 fashion resolutions to try in 2021

Be more sustainable

Sustainability is a hot topic for us all right now. With the increasing harm of global warming, more people are looking for ways they can make small changes that will make a big difference. One place we can be more sustainable is with our clothing. Rather than constantly going out and buying new pieces, you can go through your wardrobe and look for some items you haven’t worn in awhile that definitely still have potential. With these you can either get them altered to fit you better, or completely redesigned, whatever you wish! The possibilities are almost endless with alterations, which makes it really exciting to do.

Clear out your wardrobe

Another resolution many of us should take on is to clear out your wardrobe and try your best to keep it minimal. When our wardrobes are overcrowded we end up completely forgetting about half of the items we have. This means when we go to get dressed we are convinced we don’t have enough things to wear and end up buying new items to full up our wardrobes even more! By going through everything you own you can find things you completely forgot you had and finally start wearing them again. Anything you no longer wear can either be taken to a seamstress and redesigned, or donated to your local charity shop. 

Be more selective about purchases 

Now that your wardrobe is clearer, you can become more selective about purchases. Before you buy anything, stop and think to yourself, “do I need this or do I already have something similar?” When you do this you will find it a lot easier to actually decide whether you need a new piece of clothing or if you are simply shopping because you have nothing better to do. When you do this, it also means you can save yourself money and get maybe one high quality piece you think your wardrobe needs instead, it’s a win win situation.

Try something new

A challenge we should all set for ourselves is to try something new. Maybe you have a dress in your wardrobe you never wear because you feel like it’s too dressy, or a pair of trousers that you love to try on at home but never have the confidence to leave the house in them. This year is all about self care, and if you feel good in a piece of clothing, wear it! Don’t talk yourself out of something, instead get dressed and get out. You will feel and look great for doing it.

Rather than setting large unrealistic resolutions, start small with these fashion resolutions for 2021. Clearing out your wardrobe will give you a clearer mind and also make it a lot easier to get dressed every morning, especially if you are only left with pieces you know you feel great in. 


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