Don't throw away those old garments!

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Re-visit that old coat

Coats are a diverse and fundamental lynchpin to many of our outfits. They can be worn to enhance many outfits all year around. But unfortunately the inevitable happens and we either end up forgetting about and throwing coats to the back of the wardrobe to never see the light of day as we outgrow them, or they pick up the general signs of wear and tear and are thrown away. Have no fear our master tailors are here to save your treasured coat, with a few Coat Alterations we can breathe new life into old coats, bringing them back into the modern day.

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Breathe new life into an old shirt

A good shirt is a good start to any good outfit, a well fitted shirt is even better! With a few Shirt Alterations we can amend loose fitting shirts to compliment your ever changing figure saving you the time and money of having to pick out a new shirt. Maybe you’ve spotted a bargain or a unique looking shirt which is just a bit too small or large, we can alter these to appear as if they were the size intended for you.


Alter your Jeans

A good pair of jeans can be hard to come by and for this reason alone you should never throw out a good pair of jeans. Whether your jeans are looking worn or dated they can still be saved, even old jean styles come around in cycles with a few minor changes to the fit of a pair of jeans and you can have those flair leg jeans looking slim and trendy once more. Speak to one of our advisors today to see what is the best Jean Alterations for you to have.

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Re-new your Jacket

Re-vitalise your jacket with a new lining, subtle but bold a jackets lining makes a real statement. This can be done to completely re-style a jacket or as an alternative to repairing the lining. Pick out a fabric, pattern, style to use for Jacket relining and have and let our master tailors work their magic, you will be surprised at the results such a small alteration such as this can achieve.

An alteration for every occasion
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