Final wedding preparations


So you’ve planned out your perfect wedding and the big day nears ever closer, but as the closer it gets the more the stresses and worries intensify. One of the most common worries is over wedding attire, be the wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, or the suits and how they all fit. This in particular is a stress that needs not to exist as we have the perfect solution, alterations. With a few alterations, not only do you eliminate the worry of clothing not fitting well on the day but it also broadens your choices when it comes to picking the clothing out initially. Not everyone can afford to have a dress created and fitted to perfection but an equally viable choice can be to buy off-the-rack and alter that item to perfection, not many will be able to spot the difference.

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Be prepared for wedding season

beautiful bridesmaid dresses

It’s soon to be the most popular period of the year for people to get married. Have you been asked to be bridesmaid for someone or are you getting married and require alterations to your wedding dress or bridesmaids’ dresses in time for the big day.

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Don’t get fit for summer, get fitted

suit alterations

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes a whole new host of clothing which might not have seen the light of day since last summer. Our bodies fluctuate in size sometimes a surprising amount in a year, so don’t be surprised to find that, a once well fitted shirt no longer looking quite so complimentary. Get prepared in advance, get your favourite summer clothing items out and try them on early, if they don’t fit don’t panic, we are here to help. Although your body shape may have changed, your outfit can do so too, with a few minor tweaks and alterations your attire can be fitting as intended once more. This stands when speaking regarding any item of clothing, it’s a little-known fact that it’s often cheaper to alter a current item of clothing than it is to replace it.

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The key to dressing smart: Alterations

With over 20 years experience in the industry our master tailors and seamstresses are hard to beat when it comes to alterations. This experience is imperative when dealing with such costly and important garments such as a bridesmaid dress, or any other clothing related to big events. If you are in need of bridesmaid dress alterations look no further trust in our experience to perform whatever alterations you are in need of in time for the big day.

bridesmaid dress alterations

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Are you ready for the Alter?

Here at Alterations Boutique our experienced team of seamstresses have been styling, pinning, and stitching wedding related garments for over 20 years.

bridesmaid dress altered

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