Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

Now that autumn is here, we are seeing a shift in fashion trends. As the weather gets colder we have to change up the clothes we’re wearing. Just because it is getting colder doesn’t mean all fashion needs to go out the window! There are plenty of fashionable autumn trends that you can get involved in. You may even have some clothes from last year that you’d like to wear, which is where clothing alterations come in. Keep reading for the autumn 2019 fashion trends you need to know about. 

Women's 2019 Autumn Fashion

Dark Florals

It feels like florals are in all year round, but why not when it is such a great pattern? For autumn 2019 fashion trends we are seeing a lot of dark florals, the darker tone making it feel more appropriate for the season. You can either go all out with a full floral look, or just add a few details here and there to incorporate the trend. Whatever you decide to do, adding dark florals to your look is sure to set you up for some great looks this autumn.

Leather Looks

Ready to bring out your inner biker? Leather is back in full force this season. Although we see leather jackets pretty much all year, there has been some more leather-look items appearing across the high street. Leather or ‘coated’ trousers have made a big come back, a great addition to any wardrobe. This can transform an average outfit you might usually just wear with some black jeans into a fashion forward outfit choice. It’s not all about the trousers and jackets, leather dresses and skirts are also very on trend. Next time you’re looking for a new outfit go for something leather to step up your wardrobe and remember, leather alterations are always an option too.

Men 2019 Autumn Fashion


Structured clothing is a big autumn 2019 fashion trend for men. Opt for some well-fitted trousers and a structured jacket to complete your look, giving you an all over structured and sophisticated style. Structuring is all about the fit, so definitely consider some alterations to ensure your look is well-fitted. When you wear structured clothing you can look put together and ready for the day without having to put in any extra effort.


Autumn is a great time to get layering, a great fashion trend that has you seasonally appropriate, feeling warm, and fashion forward. A great pair of jeans and a shirt will get you through the entire year, but why not create a new look by adding some layers? Opt for autumnal colours to really stick with the fashion trend. Jumpers, cardigans and sweater vests are all great for layering, looking particularly great with a collared shirt underneath. Add your structured coat on top for a finishing touch. 


These are some of the autumn 2019 fashion trends we have been noticing so far this season. If you have some autumnal clothing that needs altering so you can add it to your autumn staples, get in touch with us today!

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