Alterations Can Make A Big Difference to Your Big Day

Beautifully designed and made from high quality materials, your wedding dress is likely to be one of the most important, and expensive, outfits you’ll ever buy. Pictures of you and your partner in your finery will adorn walls, mantle pieces and photo albums for evermore, so ensuring you’re completely happy with your dress is essential for every bride-to-be.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Finding the perfect dress takes time, energy and money. If you’ve put your heart and soul into hunting down that dream gown, the last thing you’ll want is for it not to fit properly come the big day. Luckily, altering the fit of an outfit, even one as important as a wedding dress, is relatively straightforward if you know what you’re doing. A few stitches, snips and pinches and patches in the right places can work miracles, helping to transform a beautiful dress into a truly captivating one.

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Dress Alterations

One of the main reasons that brides need their dresses altered prior to their wedding is that they’re trying to slim down ready for the big day. A lot of women begin looking for their dress months before their wedding, so when the event itself rolls around, they’re often a size or two smaller than they were when they purchased the outfit. In other cases, some brides simply can’t find the right dress in the right size and so alter their favourite gown to fit their frame.

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Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

To make sure your bridesmaids look and feel a million dollars too, it’s important to have their bridesmaid dresses altered to fit perfectly. Like brides, bridesmaids often slim down before a wedding so they’ll feel more confident in front of the crowds and in front of the camera. What’s more, as it’s difficult to find a single outfit to fit a variety of body shapes, a lot of bridesmaids find that they need alterations to make the chosen dress feel just right.

As wedding dresses are expensive and high in sentimental value, it’s important to choose a tailor that has experience in wedding dress alterations and are good at what they do. As all of the expert staff at the Alterations Boutique have been working in the industry for years, we know exactly how to get the most out of your dress.

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