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Feeling Comfortable and Stylish at His Wedding is Important for a Man Too. There is no doubt that wedding preparations have become a hugely stressful and expensive business with much of the focus on the dresses to be worn buy the bride and bridesmaids.

But even if the groom’s clothing is required to fit into an overall theme or colour scheme most men are likely to want to feel comfortable as well as stylish and preferably wearing something that won’t embarrass them when the photos are revisited many years after the event.


His suit can be anything from a simple, classic two-piece to a three piece or even a morning suit, but most crucial to having an enjoyable and relaxed day is that whatever the outfit it fits well and is comfortable to wear.


If the budget does not run to bespoke tailoring an off the peg suit can be altered by an expert tailor to ensure the suit hangs well and fits the individual’s frame, arm and leg length properly.


It is generally best to avoid patterns and go for a classic suit in a plain colour. It is in the nature of things that whatever the groom wears will almost certainly be overshadowed by the bride’s and bridesmaids’ outfits but it can certainly complement them.


The colour theme can be echoed in the tie, a silk handkerchief in the breast pocket – or even in the choice of a toning dress shirt.  On the subject of shirts again plain colour or white is better than a pattern particularly for the photographs, but the essential point is to get the collar size correct both for comfort, and again for the pictures.


It may be that the other male officials, such as ushers if any and the best man, can wear a subtly patterned shirt but getting a pattern right can be difficult, not only because they go in and out of fashion but also because small patterns, particularly stripes do not reproduce well in photographs.


If the bride is not overseeing every detail of the clothing and décor for the whole party but has perhaps chosen a colour theme, a tailor can offer guidance and help to the groom on what will work best for him and the men on his side.  It will help if he can see a photograph of the bride’s dress and the bridesmaids’ outfits.


A wedding day may be an important occasion but it should also be a happy one that brings a smile and a good memory whenever the couple looks at the photographs, or these days increasingly the video, long after the event.

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