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Owning a Specially Designed and Custom Made Dress is Every Woman’s Dream. There are many high street shops catering for a wide variety of tastes and styles of clothing but sometimes there are occasions when something extra special is needed.

Sometimes, as in the recent royal wedding in the UK, there will be a sudden demand for a copy of a wedding dress that has particularly appealed to people.

 At other times, there may be a need for a dress for a special occasion, perhaps evening dress for a formal event or a special outfit for a wedding or other celebration when a woman wants to look her best.

 Most of us do not keep a wardrobe full of special event clothes, which in any case can date very quickly and are unlikely to be worn very often.  It is unlikely that many women nowadays have the skills or the time to create something special themselves, especially if they have chosen a fabric, like silk or satin or a heavyweight brocade, that can be tricky to work with.

 There is also the problem of making sure that the fit is perfect which is hard to do when someone is making their own outfit, not only for the fitting but also knowing how to make any required alterations.

 In this situation it is worth considering having a dress custom made by a skilled dressmaker.  This way you can be sure that an outfit will be created that fits perfectly, complements your figure and no-one else will be wearing anything like it.

 It will help them if the customer already has an idea of the kind of features they want the dress to have, for example do they want it to be slim fitting, with or without sleeves, floor length or mid-calf.

A first consultation with a professional expert at dressmaking and dress alterations will establish the basics.  They are usually skilled in advising what will work and what will suit the customer’s figure as well as any conventions of dress code that might apply to a formal occasion.

Once the design is agreed the dressmaker can either source fabric and trimmings for the customer, or the customer may have seen a fabric they particularly love. It could even be if they give this information to the dressmaker he or she will be able to buy it at a lower cost.

A dressmaker is also likely to have access to a wide range of trimmings and decorations and will be able to advise about the best accessories and jewellery to go with the outfit. 

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